Who We Are

Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. (HNC) is a community-based, not for profit (501 (c)(3)) agency formed in 1995 to educate high-risk, culturally diverse populations about nutrition strategies to prevent diet-related diseases. In their early beginnings, the Partners of Hebni developed intervention programs and educational tools such as the “Soul Food Pyramid” and “Sisters: Take Charge of Your Health” which address populations, particularly African-Americans, who are at high risk for poor health outcomes. Hebni’s programs serve African-American populations who may be at-risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. HNC informs participants how making healthy nutritional changes can prevent or reduce the risk of these nutrition-related diseases. Hebni’s “Soul Food Pyramid” is designed to show African-American populations where traditional Ethnic or “soul” foods fall in the food pyramid. The Soul Food Pyramid has become nationally known through its use in Hebni’s conferences and educational programs including usage by pharmaceutical companies. Hebni has also developed unique programs for African-American women and men, which present nutritional information in a comfortable setting. This thinking led to the development of a state of the art test kitchen facility.  Hebni’s newly completed Nutrition Resource Center houses four commercial test kitchens. This innovative opportunity to expand Hebni’s reach was supported by a Community Development Block Grant Funding provided by the City of Orlando and multiple community partners.

In addition, Hebni has recently developed nutritional programs geared toward minority children focused on decreasing childhood obesity, an issue plaguing communities of color across the country. Hebni is successfully making strides in empowering kids to get in the kitchen through dietary changes and exciting culinary experiences. Their program titled K.Y.D.S. Take Charge! (Keep Your Diet Straight) is very popular in the Orange County School System and multiple community centers.

The target audience for Hebni’s services are populations who are at risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. To reach these goals Hebni has developed educational tools and intervention programs which address specific issues related to health disparities. Hebni is committed to improving consumer’s health by providing comprehensive nutritional information to culturally diverse populations through strategic education programs.

Our Mission

Hebni is committed to improving consumer’s health by provident comprehensive nutritional information to culturally diverse populations through strategic education programs.

Our Vision

Hebni’s vision is to be recognized as the premier source of nutritional information that enables individuals to improve their health by driving changes in daily cooking and eating habits and increasing their knowledge of strategies to improving nutrition related diseases.