Are you living with diabetes; what should you be doing?

If you are living with diabetes there is always something you need to be doing to keep your health in check. Here are a few suggestions on what you should be doing if you are living with diabetes.
• Make a commitment to yourself to check your blood glucose daily. If you are having problems remembering to monitor why not program your cell phone to remind you.
• Schedule six months of doctor appointments now. Having your appointments on the books will serve as a reminder even if you must change an appointment at a later date. Make sure you schedule appointments with your primary caregiver, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist and your dentist.
• Make weight loss a priority. 80 percent of type 2 diabetics are obese. Start your weight loss program by calculating at least a 7 – 10 percent weight loss of current body weight. Make sure you work with your physician and registered dietitian to obtain a plan that fits you. The combination of diet changes along with physical activity will help you lose weight and improve your blood glucose control.
• Exercise and get moving! If you don’t have an exercise program, it is important to add some sort of activity to your daily routine. 30 minutes a day is recommended. If that is not obtainable break it down to three 10-minute sessions.

Diabetics who successfully manage their diabetes generally have a better quality of life.

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